About ConfiAd

About ConfiAd

ConfiAd is...

ConfiAd methyl methacrylate adhesive (acrylic adhesive) is
specially formulated for the solid surface industry, having a 10 to 1 ratio,
and is supplied in readily dispensable cartridge packages.

ConfiAd offers excellent adhesion to all types of solid surfaces,
including densified cast polymers, acrylic solid surface and
polyester blends (acrylic modified solid surface and quartz surfaces).

ConfiAd colors have been selected to coordinate with
all major national brands of solid surface and imported brands
of solid surface, both acrylic and polyester.

Currently, over 1,050 colors of adhesives are developed and
sold in the world and the applicable colors are increasing more and more.

Refer this Home Pages to receive cross reference charts for your brand of solid surface or call your local distributor or Headquater directly.


Jahng Nyul Kim (John N.Kim)