Stone Cleaner(SC)


Technical Data Sheets


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Multiple cleaners.
▶ Stubborn stain removal, detergents, water-based
polishing wax removal.
▶ Basic cleaner for acid-sensitive stones without damage.
▶ Highly concentrated.
▶ Highly biodegradable.




▶ Storage temperature : between 41 (5℃) and 86 (30℃)
   Must be applied to material at temperature between
   41(5℃) and 86(30℃).


Field of Use


▶ Marble, granite, artificial stone, porcelain and tiles, 
   concrete and brick.




12 bottles of 1.05 qt (1L), 4 bottles of 1.06 gal (4L)


Stone Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner
(Low Foam)

Rust Remover(Acid)


Rust Remover(Acid)-Premium

Rust Remover(Neutral)

Rust Remover(Gel)

Powerful Acid Cleaner


Limescale Remover

Grease Remover

Wax Stripper

Adhesive Residue Remover

  Sealant Stain Remover Stain  Remover Poultice Poultice Powder