Care & Maintenance


 Although ConfiAd® Quartz Surface is hygienic, durable, highly resistant to stains, scratches, and heat,

it can be damaged if you mistreat it.

 Please follow the proper care and maintenance herein to preserve your ConfiAd® Quartz Surface for

many years and prevent severe damage that may cause special repairs.


1. Everyday Care

   - On a regular basis, simply wipe ConfiAd® Quartz Surface using a soft cloth or sponge, soap, and warm water.

   - Although ConfiAd® Quartz Surface is resistant to stain, for best results, clean liquid spills and stains from foods

     as soon as possible.

      Dark colors will show dirt, dust, rubs, fingerprints, and watermarks more than other brighter colors.

         These colors will require more frequent cleaning and daily maintenance.

2. Stubborn Stain Cleaning

   - For removing stubborn stain, use non-abrasive cleansers.

   - For dried spills, use non-abrasive scrub pad.

     Rinse thoroughly and then use a damp cloth to remove all residue.

   - For any harden marks made by paint, grease, or foods, carefully use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape

     the surface prior to cleaning.

     ※ Scraping by a metal blade may leave a grey mark on the surface.  

     ※ Do not use alkaline cleaning products.  

3. Preventing Damage

   1) Heat

      - Although ConfiAd® Quartz Surface has excellent heat resistant properties, prolonged and extreme heat

        can damage the surface. Therefore, always use a hot pad or a trivet under heat generating appliances.

   2) Scratches

      - ConfiAd® Quartz Surface is highly resistant to scratching.

        However, materials harder than quartz, sharp objects can scratch it.

        Always use a cutting board. Never cut or chop directly on ConfiAd® Quartz Surface.

        Be cautious not to drop or move heavy materials on the surface.

   3) Chemical

      - Avoid exposing ConfiAd® Quartz Surface to strong chemicals and solvents such as paint removers,

        paint/stain/furniture strippers containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride, acetone, nail polish removers,


      - Avoid using cleaning agents with high alkaline/pH levels (8.5)such as oven/grill cleaners, drain opener, and etc.

      - Avoid using cleaning products that contain oils, powders or abrasive particles.

      - Avoid using cleaners that contain xylene, toluene, potassium, hydroxide or caustic soda.