About ConfiAd

About ConfiAd

Dear valued customers

ConfiAd® is the brand name that is compound word made up of "Confident" and "Admirable"
This means that we focus on manufacturing and supplying 
"Reliable" and "Commendable" 

products to customers.


With this faith, our passion for continued research and development of products has produced high quality adhesives from 2000, and turned this passion and resources toward "Stone Care Products" from 2010.

We believe those who work in the stone industry and maintenance industry can achieve sustainable growth with our Stone Care Products.

Market growth and repeat demand have created incentive to provide our customers this new line of  Stone Care Products.

1. Cleaners

    Remove all kinds of heavy stain on stones.

2. Polishers

    Provide a high gloss on stone surfaces without any harmful effect. 

3. Protectors

    Make stone to be protected from water, wine, oil, coffee, and etc. 

4. Color Enhancers

    Restore stone to the original color and intensify the original color to darker one.

Our continued quest for satisfying our customers in the industry has been a catalyst for developing innovative and competitive products. We will continue to share our knowledge and experiences by working together with our valuable customers and business partners. 

We very much appreciate for your continued support and feedback, as this keeps our research ongoing to better help you, our customers, and business partners.



Jin Gwang Industries Co., Ltd.


John N. Kim