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21 What is ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces?
20 Are ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces hygienic?
19 How do I care for ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces on a daily basis
18 How long will ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces last?
17 How do I repair a scratch or a cut?
16 Which type of finishing is available for ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces?
15 What could I do if I buffed the scratches and stains with a light duty scrubbing pad and the area is not glossy as the rest of the countertop.
14 Will repairing or refinishing ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces alter the original color?
13 Will ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces' color fade?
12 Can I place raw vegetables, meats or fish directly on ConfiAd® Solid Surfaces?
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