ConfiAd Polyester Adhesive is polyester resin based for installation of bonding, repairing, filling, grouting of Natural stones(Granite/Marble) and Engineered stones (Quartz Surfaces).

ConfiAd Polyester Adhesive is good for horizontal and vertical application.

ConfiAd Polyester Adhesive offers excellent adhesion to all types of stones mentioned above, fast curing, yellowing resistant, and reliable durability.

Item / Type
ConfiAd Polyester Adhesive

Solid (Knife Grade)


Working Time/ 22 (72) 5~10 min
Fixture Time/22 (72) 20~30 min
Sandability Excellent
UV Stability Excellent
Heat Stability Excellent
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.5 1.1
Shelf Life  1 Year
Mix Ratio by Weight (g) A : B = 100 : 2 ~ 4
Viscosity cPs/23 (73) 

A (200,000 ~ 4300,000)

A (500 ~ 1,500)