Grease & Oil Stain Remover Set

Grease & Oil Stain Remover Set is set product consists of “Grease Remover”, “Neutral Cleaner


Technical Data Sheets
Grease Remover


Technical Data Sheets
Neutral Cleaner


Technical Data Sheets
Stone Protec Water based


   Grease Remover 250ml
   Neutral Cleaner 250ml
   Stone Protec Water based 250ml

 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Easy and convenient to us.
▶ Easy to carry.
▶ Removing and preventing grease and oil stain.



 Method of Use


1. Surface must be clean and dry.
2. Removing grease and oil using “Grease Remover”.
3. Clean the surface using “Neutral Cleaner".
4. Apply “Stone Protec Water based” to your surface.

※ For detailed method of use, refer to “How to use” on label
      or TDS of each products.
※ Always pre-test the product on an inconspicuous area.





▶Storage temperature: Between 5℃ (41℉) and 30℃ (86℉)
     Must be applied to material at temperature between 5℃
     (41℉) and 30℃ (86℉)



Field of Use


▶ Marble, slabs, slate, granite, solid surface, engineered
     stone, and concrete.




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Grease & Oil Stain
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