Limescale Remover

ConfiAd® Limescale Remover is a highly concentrated product which is very suitable for removing lime scale and calcium in deposits bathroom faucets, bathtubs, toilets, showers, shower heads, and the like.

Limescale Remover


Technical Data Sheets


   1~20 m²/L (10~204 ft2/qt)

   1L (1.05qt) X 12 Bottles in 1 Box

Features & Advantages


▶ To all bathrooms available
▶ Applicable to most metals

▶ Highly concentrated

▶ Depending on the pollution, dilute the product (1:0~10)


Field of Use


▶ Porcelain tile, glazed ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel,

    granite, etc.


How to Use


1. Apply the product with a sponge on the stained area.

2. Wait about 5 minutes to react with limescale.

3. Wash with clean water.

    ※ Depending on the level of dirt, apply the product diluted

         with water (1:0~1:10)        

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test on a small area.




▶ Storage temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)
▶ Application temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)



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