Strong Alkaline Cleaner

ConfiAd® Strong Alkali ne Cleaner is a product that effectively removes oil, grease, soot, and rubber marks from tile and ceramic surfaces.

Strong Alkaline Cleaner


Technical Data Sheets


   1~15 m²/L (10~153 ft2/qt)

   1L X 12 Bottles in 1 Box

Features & Advantages


▶ Water-based cleaner
▶ Very effective
▶ Alkali (pH 13)
▶ Easy to use


Field of Use


▶ Natural Stone (Alkali resistant), Granite, Tile, Ceramic, etc


How to Use


1. Apply the product to the surface to be treated.
2. Allow the product to work for 5~10 minutes.
3. Scrub to remove contamination with a cloth, sponge, brush or pad.
4. Do not let the surfaces dry.
5. Rinse the surface with clean water.
6. If necessary, repeat the 1~5 procedure.

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test in an inconspicuous area.
    ※ The Product may not be used on plastics which are sensitive to
        solvents or rubber.
    ※ Do not use it on polished marble, anodized aluminum or
        any other surface which are sensitive to alkali
    ※ Wear rubber gloves for prolonged use.




▶ Storage temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)
▶ Application temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)



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