Granite Polishing Powder

ConfiAd® Granite Polishing Powder is a specially formulated polishing powder for polishing granite and maintenance of all types of granite.

Granite Polishing Powder


Technical Data Sheets


   30~60 m²/kg (146~292 ft2/lb)

   1kg (2.2 lb) Bucket

   5kg (11 lb) Bucket

Features & Advantages


▶ Restores original luster of polished granite
▶ Non-acidic

▶ Fast & Effective

▶ Easy to use


Field of Use


▶ All types of granite


How to Use


1. Clean the surface using "ConfiAd® Stone Cleaner".

    The surface should be free of polymers, acrylate and wax layers.

2. Spread a small quantity of the product on the surface.

3. Adding water, polish the surface using a polishing machine

    with nylon polishing pads (White) or steel pads.

    ※ For a floor, the machine with 140~180 RPM and 40~50kg

         is recommended.

    ※ Optimal polishing results can be achieved with 1,500~3,000 grit

         for granite.

    ※ Swing the machine left to right and top and bottom

         over the target area about 15 times.

    ※ For a small area, use hand polishers not exceeding 1,000 RPM.

    ※ Treat larger surfaces in segments of max 10~15m².

4. Wash the treated surfaces thoroughly and after drying, 

    polish with a dry buffing pad (hog hair or woold pad).

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test on a small area.




▶ Storage temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)
▶ Application temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)





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