Stone Protec-Porous Stone

ConfiAd® Stone Protec - Porous Stone is a fluoro-compounds based advanced anti-stain impregnator for stone surface protection against water, oil, grease, wine, etc.
The product is more effective for porous stones.

Stone Protec-Porous stone


Technical Data Sheets




   Polished Surfaces

   20~40 m²/L (204~408 ft2/qt)

   Porous Surfaces

   10~20 m²/L (102~204 ft2/qt)

   1L (1.05qt) x 12 Cans in 1 Box

Features & Advantages


▶ Advanced impregnator for porous stones

▶ Outstanding water and oil repellent

    (Fluoro-compounds based)
▶ Excellent stain repellent (Juice, wine, grease, etc.)

▶ Allows stones to breathe

▶ No or very slight color enhancement

▶ Resistant to UV radiation


Field of Use


▶ Marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, porcelain tile, etc.


How to Use


1. The surface must be clean and completely dry.

    ※ A drying time of 1~2 days is necessary after the cleaning

        of the area to be treated.

2. Apply the product evenly on the surface using a brush,

    paint roller, mop, or a gun spray.

3. Keep wet for 5~15 minutes.

    ※ Do not allow to dry on the surface if not being absorbed

         into the stone.

4. Completely remove all excess with a clean cloth.

    ※ The best result will be achieved after 24 hours from the treatment.

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test on a small area.




▶ Storage temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)
▶ Application temperature : 5~30℃ (41~86)




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