ConfiAd Color Adhesive has been selected to coordinate with all major national brands of Natural stones(Granite/Marble) and major brands of Engineered stones (Quartz Surfaces).

ConfiAd Color Adhesive offers excellent adhesion to all types of the above, fast curing, invisible seams, reliable durabilities.
A standard gun applicator is available for the standard hand held manual mix guns and pneumatic mix guns are available as well as static mix nozzles (250ml).

ConfiAd Color Adhesive has various colors available and three kinds of curing types as below.

Item / Type
ConfiAd Color Adhesive 250ml Cartridge
Medium Slow
Working Time/ 22 (72) 5~7 min 8~10 min 15~20 min
Fixture Time/22 (72) 12~18 min 20~25 min 35~45 min
Operating Temperature  Max 110 (230)
Gap Filling 3mm (0.12inch)
Sandability Excellent
UV Stability Excellent
Heat Stability Excellent
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.17
Flash Point 10 (50)
Shelf Life  1 year

Flexural Strength

(ASTM D790)

220kgf/㎠ (3,200 psi)

Compressive Shear Strength (ASTM D905)

210kgf/㎠ (3,000 psi)
Mix Ratio by Volume (ml) A : B = 10 : 1
Mix Ratio by Weight (g) A : B = 10 : 1
Viscosity cPs/23 (73) 

A (60,000 ~ 70,000)

B (15,000 ~ 20,000)