About ConfiAd

About ConfiAd

Dear valued customers

ConfiAd® is the brand name that is compound word made up of "Confident" and "Admirable"
This means that we focus on manufacturing and supplying 
"Reliable" and "Commendable" 

products to customers.


With this faith, we started Adhesive manufacturing in 2000 and have supplied our 

Adhesive for Solid Surfaces/Engineered Stones/Natural stones to over 70 countries' customers.

1. Seamless Joint Adhesives

   - 100% Acrylic resin based adhesives for Solid Surfaces / Engineered Stones (Quartz Surfaces)

2. Color Adhesives 

   - Acrylic epoxy resin based adhesives for Natural Stones / Engineered Stones (Quartz Surfaces) 

3. Polyester Adhesives

   - Polyester resin based adhesives for "Bonding", "Repairing", "Filling", and
    "Installation of Grouting" of Natural Stones / Engineered Stones (Quartz Surfaces)

Our continued quest for satisfying our customers in the industry has been a catalyst 

for developing innovative and competitive products. We will continue to share our knowledge and experiences by working together with our valuable customers and business partners. 

We very much appreciate for your continued support and feedback, as this keeps our research ongoing to better help you, our customers, and business partners.



Jin Gwang Industries Co., Ltd.


John N. Kim